Poetry In Motion; The Power Of Language in Practice
Sunday 1st March 2020


In this workshop we will look at how and why language helps to explore movement and sensation with in the body and how this in turn cultivates presence.

What wording causes the mind to think and to hold on as opposed to observe and feel what there truly is?

Why is this important and more so how does this contribute to ease and realising oneness?

There will be recognition of the absolute empowerment that stems from a wider vocabulary, poetry to consider and the practice of Asteya bought into context.

Light will be shone upon the tip of the iceberg that is Sanskrit with a small introduction to this ancient language.

We will explore this theme through asana (postures), pranayama (breath work) and at times discussion.

Always EveryBODY welcome.

20% of proceeds will go to Kazzum Arts who “provide opportunities for children and young people to explore their creativity at times in their lives when they are most in need of support.”

Props; Embracing Support To Cultivate Ease On Every Level
Date added soon 2020


Asana Practice; A Moving Metaphor
Date added soon 2020


All workshops will take place at:

Float Training Academy
Langford Suites, 8-16 Third Avenue, Hove, BN3 2PX

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