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Class Styles

Hatha Flow

A flowing practice that tones and awakens the entire body, mind and spirit.
Moving between stronger standing postures that allow you to root, ground and centre whilst also spending time exploring postures that will generate expansion and ease in the body. This class is a great introduction to the practice of vinyasa flow.

Vinyasa Flow

Dynamic fluid practice that builds physical strength, tone and stimulates heat and fire within the body and burns up old karmic energy. I encourage you to refine awareness throughout practice as well as build this heat. This is often by instructing you to notice unnecessary tensions in the body, observing the minds responses to challenging and also less challenging movements and to continually come back to the present moment. Encouragement to explore the quality of breath and always to observe the connection between the subtle body and the nervous system is integrated. This class can be physically very strong, never rushed and often slower than expected giving time to settle in and feel! Modifications are always offered and all levels and abilities are very welcome.


Dynamic classes are wonderful and restorative is to and from my experience this practice is crucial. In this class just 2-6 postures are taught, all of which will be fully supported with bolsters and blankets and practiced either seated or supine.
I will lead you towards meditation through gentle instructions whilst guiding you into shapes that allow for gentle openings and release. Here you will explore stillness and observe all that arises within the mind (the citta vrtti/mind chatter) with plenty of cues to come back to the present so as not to get ‘caught up’.  There will be elements of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to consider such as the 8 Limbs, Kleshas and Vrttis and other elements of yoga philosophy. The intention here is to offer a space for you to free up the mind and body from any tensions/difficult experiences that you may not have had the space to heal from. This is constructed rest.

Yin Yoga

A slow moving practice that can accentuate the minds modern resistance to stillness. Creating held & supported shapes whilst allowing time to breathe deeply in to the body births opportunity to shed light into the dark spaces that are calling for freedom.
Postures tend to be seated or supine and work deeply into the bodies fascia and connective tissues. A wonderful practice for anyone and often very rewarding for those who are perhaps always ‘busy’.

*All my flow classes have elements of the cooler practices threaded in.
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