Classes across Brighton and Hove in East Sussex, England.

Teaching with clear instructions and always from the heart Tiffany offers strong and gentle hatha classes, somatic practices and deeply nourishing restorative classes and 1-to-1’s.

“Your yoga practice is an opportunity to increase your self awareness. Exploring and observing the fluctuating mind and  sensations within your body you build presence. In time you become aware of samskaras (habitual patterns/conditioning) and begin to ignite the bodies natural healing responses and ways to move past distractions. Through a regular yoga practice you allow for a reset and rebalance process to begin leading you to become much more receptive and open. It is through this practice of deep listening and exploration the subtle qualities gained through a disciplined yoga practice can be felt. They are plentiful and ready for you at any time.” Tiffany.

Tiffany teaches students continually that your practice is an internal journey that the body helps to facilitate and that your asana (posture) practice is simply a powerful tool to cultivating peacefulness and ease.

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Tiffany’s main teachers are Jim Tarran & Khadine Morcom.