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Sacred Story

I am currently training as a yoga therapist with more than 800hrs of teacher training behind me. I am in my 10th year of teaching and I work hard to deliver classes that are useful and respectful.

My classes are grounded in Haṭha Yoga where āsana practice (physical postures/movements) is at the centre of my teaching as well as prāṇāyāma (breath practices).  Senses withdrawal (pratyāhāra), concentration (dhāraṇā), meditation (dhyāna) and mantra (chanting) practices are woven in as well as respectfully teaching yoga philosophy basics with language that is accessible.

In one to one sessions classes tailored specific to your needs and requirements. We consider, we explore and we observe. Adapting continually to inspire spaciousness + balance. To the best of my ability I support you in your practice and your movement towards a full embodiment of ease freeing up the mind and body simultaneously.

In group settings my classes are open to complete beginners through to seasoned practitioner’s. Modifications are continually offered to make sure each student is experiencing the postures/movements safely and all is taught with yoga philosophy at heart.

I have myself found a regular yoga practice and continual dive into the philosophy to be the most potent tool for healing.

There is a continual stream of research being conducted around nervous system responses to trauma and it’s overall impacts on physical and mental health. This coincides with a surge of research on the health benefits of yoga and meditation and particularly the impact these practices have on our nervous systems, brain and hormonal system. This has further increased my knowledge as to why stress affects our physiology and why balanced practices are fundamental. This is what has lead me to train as a yoga therapist.

I have been fascinated and motivated by emotional states and the body’s responses since my teenage years where i grew up with a mother practicing several healing modalities. Now through my work as a yoga teacher, continual study and practice I see the positive effects yogic practices can offer us. What has astounded me is how the various emotional & mental states we can experience are perfectly described within very old yogic texts. My continual interest in this Indian system really sits with in its philosophical structures.

I welcome you to practice with me at Sacred Story; my home for Yoga + Somatics in Hove.

My main teachers are Jim Tarran, Khadine Morcom, Helen Ayling and more recently Charlotte Watts and Colin Dunsmuir.